ActivationZoneColorDescriptionWind VelocityStorm Surge Expected
Not Activated A RedEvacuate red areas and all manufactured home residents74 to 95 mph. To 7 ft.
Not Activated B OrangeEvacuate red and orange areas,and all manufactured home residents96 to 110 mph. To 15 ft.
Not Activated C Yellow Evacuate red, orange, and yellow areas,and all manufactured home residents111 to 130 mph. To 26 ft.
Not Activated D Green Evacuate red, orange, yellow, and green areas, and all manufactured home residents131 to 155 mph. To 33 ft.
Not Activated EPurpleEvacuate red, orange, yellow, green,and purple areas, and all manufactured home residents156+ mph. To 35 ft.
Help is here
Sarasota County Emergency Management is ready to help if you have questions about the information in this guide or when a hurricane affects our area. If you will need assistance or transportation during an evacuation because of age, disability or other special needs, register with us now. All information you give is confidential and protected under Florida statute.
For any questions or information pertaining to emergency preparedness, contact Sarasota County Government's Call Center at 941-861-5000.
Evacuation Plan

The colored zones on this map are vulnerable to storm surge. Storm surge is salt water flooding which rushes over coastal areas - near where the eye of the hurricane strikes - destroying homes and businesses in its path. Nine out of 10 hurricane-related deaths are caused by storm surge and inland flooding.

Hurricanes are categorized on a scale of one to five depending on the strength of the winds. Storm surge can reach 5-6 feet above sea level in a Category 1 hurricane to more than 35 feet above sea level in a Category 5 hurricane. Depending on the track and strength of a threatening hurricane, local officials may order evacuation of up to five evacuation zones.

If you live in a mobile home or recreational vehicle, you must evacuate no matter which zone you live in. These structures are extremely vulnerable to hurricane winds. Listen to your local radio and TV stations for announcements and shelter openings.

Access Sarasota television programming provides continuous coverage and is webcast live.

Not every shelter will be open.

Sarasota AM Radio
1320 WSDV -
1450 WDDV -

Sarasota FM Radio
  92.1 WLTQ -
105.9 WTZB -
106.5 WCTQ -
107.9 WSRZ -

162.4 NOAA - NOAA Weather Radio

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Emergency Numbers
  • Sarasota County Department of Emergency Management Call Center: 941-861-5000

  • Deaf Communication Center for TDD Messages:
  • 941-861-1833

  • Special needs registration:
  • 941-861-5000

During actual hurricane operations, restrict
calls to your emergency management office to
those that are absolutely necessary (true emergency assistance or information).
Local TV and radio stations should be monitored to obtain current
hurricane status and general evacuation information.
Do not call 911 for hurricane information; 911 is for
emergencies only.
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Note: If you need this information on audio tape,
contact the County Emergency Management Citizen
Help Lines listed above